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this is 9news now. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joiningis this sunday. an inid credible game with u.s. women twice looking like they had the contest won but in the end japan prevailed kristin berset has the highlights. >> looking for their first world title in 12 years. dominating early. japan making their first final appearance and with the weight of a grieving country on their
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shoulders never gave up. the ladies getting one last look at that trophy they are playing for before the match and this game would require extra time with the u.s. up 1. japan on a corner kick. ties the game at 2. taking a page out of the american playbook forcing penalty kicks but here the u.s. struggled. shannon bach was denied. another one denied. and yet another one denied. the japanese needing this one to clench the world cup. japan is your 2011 women's world cup champion. >> i truly believe that something bigger was pulling for this team and as much as i have always wanted this if there is any team i would give it to it would be japan. i'm happy for them and they do deserve it. >> japan becomes the first asian country to win the world cup. they had never beaten the americans but now their country
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has something to celebrate. >> if you are going to lose to a country why not japan given all they have been through. thank you, kristin. they had the attention and hearts of the entire country. people all over the washington area gathered today for the world cup final. we caught up with some fans in northwest washington. what's up. >> reporter: i'm at the public bar in stanley town packed to the rafters with fans, fans that were dispointed over today's loss. >> reporter: fans watched in astonishment and then dismay at the u.s. women's soccer team missing three of four penalty kicks even as japan nailed three of their's to catch the women's world cup time. the u.s. drew blood first. >> to be able to beat brazil. it is amazing. i'm triple proud of them. >> reporter: a goal in the 69th minute of the game. the japanese women did not give
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up. tying the game in minute 81 and sending it into extra time. those 30 additional minutes seemed like an instant replay of the regular time. the japanese women with their back to the wall answering just 6 minutes before they could be handed a loss. >> the u.s. dominated most of the 90 minutes but the japanese teamwork was brilliant. they came through at the end. >> reporter: cementing their reputation as being time killers. beating germany and sweden on their way to the showdown with the u.s. >> it is a tough loss but it means so much for japan. >> what do you think this means for u.s. soccer? a lot of people watching. >> i think it will pick up again like the 99 did. so i think there are a lot of people here with their kids here. it is great. >> reporter: that's really the bottom line, bruce. despite the loss everyone very proud of the role the u.s. women's soccer team played and
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they can't wait for four years until now. back to you. >> absolutely we are all proud. thank you. first family got caught up in the frenzy over the women's world cup. here is a picture of them watching the game at the white house this afternoon. president obama sent the u.s.a. women's soccer game a good luck tweet before the world match saying sorry i can't be there to see you play but i will be cheering you on from here. let's go. in other news tonight. casey anthony. she is free. walking out of a florida jail just after midnight this morning. she served time for lying to police in connection with the death of her 2-year-old daughter. this evening casey anthony's whereabouts unknown. her safety a major concern for those who defended her. karen brown is in florida with more on the story. >> reporter: casey anthony walked confidently into her new life of freedom with little emotion and a quiet thank you to a guard it took her less than 15 seconds to walk out the front door of the orange county
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jail. an angry crowd chanted outside. anthony enters a world where many are still angry a jury acquitted the 25-year-old woman of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> it really hurts. now she is free. and that's really -- for me it is wrong. >> reporter: the florida mother spent nearly three years behind bars. her release turned into an attraction for some. >> we just left one of the theme parks and we were on our way home and just stopped in here. >> i just thought it would be interesting to be able to be in the presence of it. >> you wanted to be part of history? >> yes. >> reporter: anthony had 578.38 in her pocket when she left jail. money sent by admirers. not even her parents know where she is. all her attorney told them in a text was that she is safe. media helicopters following anthony lost her as she disappeared into a parking structure. security experts believe she is a genuine target. >> she is going to need some
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immediate protection, immediate security and that's going to involve hiding her out, getting her into a place where the public can't reach her. >> reporter: interview offers ranging for $1 million anthony may be able to afford her new life of infamy. >> anthony is still facing legal trouble in a civil suit from a woman who shares the same name with a fictitious name that casey anthony said kidnapped caylee. we already knew from police that 23-year-old germaine palmer claimed he was on p.c.p. when he grabbed a 2-year-old. >> he wanted me to apologize. >> reporter: a message from a man in jail from the mother of his child. she wishes to remain anonymous but the girlfriend of 23-year- old germaine palmer tells us she was at best buy with palmer
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and their toddler the day he was arrested. she says he was high on p.c.p. >> actually, i was the one that told him to leave. it started with us when i took the child he kind of was like -- he was seeing demons and he was trying to hold us both and protect us both. >> that's when this video surveillance comes into play. >> when he hit the ground he blacked out. if you saw the video, he hit the ground. seemed like he just was dead for a second, right. he hopped back up. you see him go in a circle like he is confused. then he grabs up this child because he thinks it is his. >> reporter: a broken window at best buy is evidence of the following struggle. when witnesses say they had to tackle palmer. >> when he was outside he was just standing in the parking lot actually. no one chased him down. >> reporter: now the 23-year- old man is behind bars charged with abduction of a child, first-degree assault and six other counts. >> there are lots of kids doing this drug three, four times a day. and eventually something is going to happen and they don't understand that and he wants
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them to understand that. he felt like he was in control. he is really ashamed of what's happening. >> reporter: saying he is not making excuses he just wants to apologize. >> he needs rehab. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9news now. >> he is being held on 25,000 bond. the 2-year-old boy police say he abducted was not injured. still ahead on 9news now. it was a threat that never materialized. the latest on l.a.'s carmageddon. more fallout from that phone hacking scandal. another arrest. back in a minute.
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new developments today in the phone hacking scanneddal in britain. rebecca brooks was arrested today on suspicion of phone hacking an bribing police. just hours later britain's senior police commissioner quit because of his link to a former editor of the tabloids. nine other people have been arrested in connection with this investigation. several former reporter and editors for the tabloid and a former communications director. >> i have this afternoon informed the palace, the secretary and mayor of my intention to resign of commissioner of metropolitan police service. i have made this decision as a consequence of the ongoing
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speculation and allegations related to the links to news corp. and in particular in relation to mr. neil wallace who was arrested last week. >> the scanneddal has also reached the u.s. shores. british papers are reporting today that jude law claims his phone was hacked while the actor was in new york. on thursday the fbi announced it opened its own investigation into allegations that rupert murdoch's news corporation tried to hack into the phones of september 11th victims. smooth sailing for l.a.'s i-405 after crews finished up work on that demolition project that shutdown 10 miles of the highway earlier than expected. feared the half million motorists would use the highway. it was hours ahead of schedule that reopening. coming up on 9news now.
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a dangerous heat wave is gripping the country and the mercury isn't going down anytime soon. we understand that heat wave is coming this way? >> it certainly is. we are tracking the heat as it is moving on to the east and it will be here by mid-week. our almanac was quite nice. only 90 degrees. this is the end of the 80s and we are heading higher into the 90s. i will have your full forecast in a couple minutes. so tell us some army stories.
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montgomery county police need your help. guards found sexual slurses on buildings and windows had been broken. a similar incident at potomac middle school last thursday. dangerous heat wave gripping the central u.s. is showing no signs of ending anytime soon. heat advisories and warnings are in place in some 17 states. all the way from texas to michigan. oklahoma city forecasters are
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expecting another day of 100- degree heat making it the 27th day this year the temperatures reaching the 100-degrees mark. you tell us that heat is coming this way? >> it is. it will lock itself in with us. the danger of this is when you go through days, 2, 3, 4, it will be hard to shake the hot stuff. mugginess. breezy outside right now with southwest winds. temperatures got up into the upper 80s. we stayed shy of 90 degrees but that's not going to be the case as we move on forward. right now things are very, very warm. skies have stayed clear for the most part. but a few clouds are starting to push on in from our western zone. not going to bring us much of a rain chance for today but i amtraking some possibility for a few of those isolated late day showers and storms each evening throughout the week. as of right now we are looking pretty good. the humidity is starting to pick up just a little bit. we will continue with that as we head into tomorrow morning. once the heat gets a grip middle range 90s for the start
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of the week then when we get into those triple digits or close to those triple digits it will continue with us during the heat wave. air quality suffering. tomorrow will be a code orange day. heat alerts throughout the week as the heat wave gets closer and closer. futurescast forecast model. so far so good. very quiet. working with moisture out towards the west but notice it doesn't have too much of a chance to get across that mountain ridge. early on monday morning a great commute as you head back to work but as we get into the afternoon we will go for mostly sunny to partly to mostly cloudy late in the day but the rain chances should stay away for most of tomorrow. then monday night into tuesday morning that's when we have our better chance of seeing some storms begin to develop. so here is your forecast for the overnight. it will be mild and fairly calm weather as we have mainly clear skies but a little bit of moisture to work with. temperatures into the middle range 60s. tomorrow morning after sunrise we head solidly into the 70s. the air will be unhealthy
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tomorrow especially for those who are in the sensitive groups. elderly, young, those with respiratory problems. limit your outdoor activity and we will continue to pump in that moisture with the southwest winds. then tomorrow afternoon you'll start to see the subtle changes. we will go from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy by late day. a few late afternoon and evening showers. they are not out of the realm of possibility but tomorrow's highs you'll definitely feel the difference. i'm calling for about 95 degrees for washington. we should see close to that out toward manassas and for culpeper. but 93 for hagerstown and 92 closer to the chesapeake bay. morning forecast. here is what you need as you step out the door tomorrow. dress for warm weather. it will feel hot and some of the stickiest weather we have had in the last week or so is starting to move on in. that seven-day forecast is going to take us through the middle range 90s. the best portion of the week is going to be on tuesday and wednesday. we will get a little bit of a rain opportunity but then by the time we hit thursday, friday, saturday into the weekend even that 99 could be
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very close to 100. it will stick around. >> we were just talking. incredible game. too bad somebody had to lose. >> yes. it is one of those too bad somebody had to lose. in your heart you're maybe kind of rooting for japan a little bit but of course us being americans we wanted u.s.a. to win but ended up for a heartbreak in germany. the women's world cup finals had all the excitement and emotion you could ask for. the u.s. women gave us quite a few nail biters during their run in the world cup and today was no exception. the nationals in the rubber match against atlanta. could they win their first series after the all-star break? and northern ireland has reason to celebrate yet again. those stories coming up next.
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best sports in town with kristin berset. all eyes on the world's soccer cup final. u.s.a. looking for their first world cup title in 12 years have
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played with grit and determination the last three weeks facing elimination on several occasions but they just couldn't avoid it today. u.s. japan world cup finals in germany and this game would require extra time. with the game tied abbey wombach did what she does best. getting hear heed on the ball for the goal. japan on a corner kick ties the game at 2 forcing penalty kicks. the u.s. missed most of theirs, japan didn't. burying the clencher. japan is the 2011 women's cup champs. >> it is obviously heartbreaking. japan played well. they never gave up. it is unfortunate we couldn't pull it out. it is tough to do two rounds of penalties. she made some great saves. we had chances though throughout the game and we didn't put them away.
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>> graham mcdowell, rory mcilroy and now darren clark. third major title for northern ireland in the last 18 months. if the name darren clark isn't familiar to you it may be because he has never won a golf major and hasn't even been a contendser in the last 10 years. that changed this weekend. final round of the british open at royal st. george's. a big push early by phil mickelson but lefty with the long putt for eagle in the 7th drains it to tie for the lead at five under. today though another big day for the irish. darren clark for eagle at the 7. sinks it to regain the lead. then on 18 with four putts to win. clark just misses the par putt but he is smiling of course because he knows it is all over. clark taps in for bogey to win his first major championship. this evening as you know i'm following up with a little
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beverage this evening. i'm sure he will get used to that as much as he can. he gets his name on it this year. american phil mickelson and dustin johnson finished tied for second at two under. thomas bjorn fourth. ricky fowler and two others at fifth. nationals pitcher listed as day-to-day after twisting his right ankle this afternoon. the lefty limped off the field in the 3rd inning after colliding with the braves catcher brian mccann as he was coming in to score. threw a few warmup pitches but decided to leave the game. nats and atlanta taking on the braves. down 1 in the 6th. continuingis hot hitting. two-run homer. they couldn't hold on. in the 8th. solo shot to right. off tyler. then in the 9th. ryan matthews gives up the game winner. freddy freeman with a single to
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right. scores. nats lose 9-8. they did try and stay positive though. orioles wrapping up their series with the indians. bottom of the 5th. s down 2. robert andino puts the birds ahead for good a three-run shot to left. orioles win 8-3 winning two straight after losing nine straight. we haven't seen them win consecutively in a while. >> maybe one weekend they will both win. >> hopefully. hopefully. >> weather? >> heading for that heat. 90s tomorrow. 100s later on in the week. >> thanks a lot. see you back here tonight at 11 p.m. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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